As the cost of post-secondary education rises, government spending decreases and workplace skills change, the college admissions process can prove challenging.  Today, young people require access to both traditional and transitional opportunities.  Professional college counselors can provide you access to established resources and strategies.  They often offer a customized menu of options aimed at reducing the stress associated with this important life transition and cultivating a perceived competitive advantage. 

 The college application process is both complex and time-consuming.   Test requirements, deadlines and making decisions that will impact your future can prove stressful.  Professional admissions counselors provide strategies to make the college search and application process efficient, working with you and your family to reduce stress levels and to determine options that best fit your goals, your learning style, and your personality.

Your school guidance office has excellent intentions when providing college admissions advice.  They have tremendous resources to share.  However, the average high school guidance counselor in the United States today serves nearly 500 students, and college admissions counseling is only a percentage of their job description.  Professional admissions counselors have the time and professional mission to focus their efforts, knowledge and resources on your unique goals and needs.

Today, admission to colleges and universities has become increasingly competitive.   Simultaneous to an increase in the number of applications, post-secondary institutions, both public and private, face rising costs and decreased economic resources, forcing them to be increasingly selective.  Admissions directors state that they could fill their freshman classes several times over with applicants who have cumulative GPAs of 4.0 and stellar tests scores, forcing high school students to stand out in other ways, such as through extra-curricular activities.  A professional counselor can help you to strategize and craft an admissions resume that highlights your personality, engagement and aptitudes.

This increased level of competition in the admissions process leads many students to submit applications to a dozen or more colleges and universities.  By getting to know you and your family and your goals, a professional counselor introduces best-fit majors and universities and guides you to research and prioritize your list of schools.  They provide a means of organizing varied deadlines and requirements and help you to shape your essay and application to your best advantage.

Hiring a professional counselor will not guarantee admission to your dream college, but he or she will offer current knowledge of admissions trends and requirements and will help to match your strengths and career goals with the right schools.  Your counselor will serve as your personal advocate and guide through a complex and stressful process, breaking it into manageable pieces and leading you to distinguish yourself amongst competitors.