icon-new-horizonsAt LIFEmaps, we understand that your career lasts an adult lifetime. As career counselors, we help you to discover professional fulfillment, whether you choose a singular pathway or to follow diverse routes. If you seek a first position in your field or a transition later in life, you will need current, relevant and dynamic employment documents and tools. Whether you will work for others or for yourself, LIFEmaps counselors are prepared to guide your professional progress toward a selected career horizon.

Girl-Binocs-IllustrationLIFEmaps hourly career development counseling includes customized tools and strategies to help you to attain your unique professional goals, according to current practices and industry requirements. Our counselors are prepared to lead you to personal success.


Career Services

  • Conducting industry and company research
  • Creating effective resumes
  • Drafting cover letter content
  • Interviewing
  • Securing college internships
  • Pursuing vocational training and professional licenses
  • Developing an independent business plan
  • Querying publishers and agents
  • Writing grant and other funding proposals
  • Crafting and pitching project bids