[one_half]icon-college-transferLIFEmaps equally offers college admissions advice for transfer students. The decision to transfer may be part of your plan when you graduate from high school, often for financial or other reasons, leading you to earn core credits toward a degree at a community college, for example, selected specifically for transfer. On the other hand, academic, personal or financial considerations may lead you to transfer from one four-year campus to another. Both routes require strategies and tools unique to current transfer processes at your selected campuses.[/one_half]

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Boy-roadLIFEmaps counselors assist you to identify opportunities best suited to your personality and aspirations. Our comprehensive college transfer package offers guidance and resources to help you to articulate your academic and professional goals and to shape your transfer plan and timeline.

College Transfer Packages

Our packages are customized to meet the specific needs of each student.  Contact hours are variable and represent a savings over hourly services.  The College Transfer Package averages 25 contact hours.  Contact hours include in-person appointments, virtual meetings and email correspondence.

Transfer Package

Plan your next steps

Whether you initially enrolled in a community college with the intent to transfer or find yourself wishing to transfer between 4-year universities, a LIFEmaps Transfer Package helps you to establish best-fit options.  Let us assist you to navigate the transfer process and find the best fit college or university for you.  Transfer options include California public universities  (UC, CSU), private institutions and/or vocational programs.  This package may include the following services.

  • Dream School Survey
  • Career Survey
  • Majors Search
  • College Search
  • Articulation/Transfer Agreements
  • College Transcript Review
  • Prioritized List
  • Transfer Application Process
  • Personalized Deadlines Calendar
  • Exclusive Online Tools