8th grade is a transition between your elementary school years and your steps into High School. With these new opportunities comes more responsibility and more choices. Let LIFEmaps counselors help guide you towards your goals.

8th Grade Check In

The big picture of High School

Talk to a LIFEmaps counselor to discuss your goals and opportunities in High School. You will have many options to choose from, so taking the time to define your priorities will help you be prepared for your High School career. This is your opportunity to ask questions and make sure you are on track to reach the college of your dreams. Common questions include:


  1. What does my high school have to offer?
  2. Do grades really matter?
  3. Do I have to play sports to get into college?
  4. Should I take AP classes?
  5. How do I get into college?

High School Road Map Package

Accelerate your college plan

The beginning of your 8th grade year is the time to explore your High School options and decide where you would like to spend your high school years. Would you like to attend a private school, a charter school, a Waldorf school, or another public school in your community? Are you looking for boarding schools or study abroad opportunities? There are many options and you get to decide where you will learn best and where you will have the best opportunities that will set you up for success in college and beyond.

  • Join a LIFEmaps counselor in creating your high school plan. Packages include:
  • Explore High School options
  • Create your High School criteria list
  • Have family discussions and make the decision together
  • Know your deadlines
  • Get assistance with applications and/or district transfers