icon-gap-experienceLIFEmaps invites you to stray from traditional pathways. Enrich your journey of self-discovery through Gap Experience. You might travel and immerse yourself in a foreign culture. You might volunteer or complete internships. You might simply seek adventure. Gap Experiences provide maturity and self-motivation. You will gain new perspectives and memorable relationships, while taking time away from your comfort zones to become a stronger college candidate. In fact, colleges increasingly seek applicants who have participated in Gap Experience. Gap Experience can equally provide concrete professional skills that intrigue employers.


Your Gap Experience may last less than a month and often six months to a year. You may pursue a singular experience or destination or create an itinerary including several unique opportunities. Whether you choose language and cultural immersion, environmental internships or discovery of a new extreme sport or passion, your Gap Experience may be structured or free-form.

Gap Experience Packages

We offer Gap Experience services as a package or on an hourly basis. Contact hours are variable and represent a savings over hourly services. The Gap Experience Package averages 15 contact hours. Contact hours include in-person appointments (when possible), virtual meetings and email correspondence.

Gap Experience Package

Discover your unique path

Work with LIFEmaps counselors to discover opportunities best suited to your personality and goals. Take time to explore the many opportunities that are available both domestically and abroad. This package may include the following services:


  • Goal setting: What do you want to achieve?
  • Option discovery
  • Application process assistance
  • Travel requirements advisement
  • College deferment process advisement, if applicable