The LIFEmaps team collaborates to offer the best solutions for individual clients, regardless of counselor and client location. Our diverse experience and common desire to assist others to personal greatness combine to provide a unique counseling experience.

Nichole Clark Nichole Clark has a life long passion for assisting others in enhancing their skills and achieving life goals. Her experience as a college and career counselor is complemented by her achievement of an MA in Education Leadership and Counseling and an accredited Certificate in Career and College Counseling. Following her undergraduate work in Education, Nichole spent three years teaching overseas, as a member of the US Peace Corps and as an independent contractor. Her time abroad and her commitment to community and the environment have led her to specialize in ‘off the map’ learning adventures and educational pathways leading to careers in medicine and the environment. Nichole was awarded the 2011/2012 Educator of the Year from Positive Images of Santa Rosa and the 2012 Service to Youth Award from the Sunrise Rotary Club of Sebastopol. In her time off, Nichole can be found bicycling among the rolling hills of Sonoma County, skiing the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and continuing her journey around the world.


retouch-0872-21 Ellen Supple has developed and taught high school and college curricula for 32 years and specializes in creative composition, career development and business communications. A master teacher and administrator, Ellen holds BA and MFA degrees in writing and literature.  She first guided challenged teens to academic and social confidence, later moving to the college setting where she taught and counseled artists and designers to pursue profitable careers. From 2005-07, Ellen led the Dynamy Internship Year west coast expansion,  where she first met and collaborated with Nichole Clark. Ellen boasts of great success in piloting students to define and pursue their personal goals, and continues to teach and consult on career and business curricula.  When she is not teaching and advising, you will find her writing fiction and hiking the trails of Marin County and the Sierra foothills.